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Biospherical Instruments Inc.
Biospherical Instruments Inc. (BSI) is a research-oriented company founded in 1977 to design and manufacture scientific instrumentation for environmental monitoring.

BSI’s products include: Optical instruments for the oceanographic, atmospheric, water quality and biological sciences communities.Terrestrial and oceanographic global UV monitoring systems, water quality monitoring systems for municipal reservoirs and a wide variety of UV and visible wavelength radiometers for use in oceanographic and atmospheric research. The QSL-100 is still found in many labs throughout the world. This irradiance-collecting sphere is the basis for BSI’s scalar irradiance collectors, the latest of which is the AMOUR.

Channel Technologies Group - ITC (International Transducer Corporation) Division

ITC is a leading manufacturer of acoustic transducers for: ship and submarine sonar, oceanographic survey, seismic exploration and marine life research ITC is a division of the newly formed Channel Technologies Group (CTG).
ITC Products include:

• Omnidirectional Transducers
• Directional Transducers
• Depth Sounders
• Sidescan Transducers
• Free Flood Ring Transducers
• Hydrophones
• Preamplified Hydrophones
• Air Transducers 

Paroscientific Inc
Paroscientific is the leader in the field of precision pressure measurement based on digital force sensors. Application of this technology to the pressure instrumentation field has resulted in transducers of the highest quality and superior performance. Precision comparable to the best primary standards is achieved through the use of a special quartz crystal resonator whose frequency of oscillation varies with pressure induced stress. A quartz crystal temperature signal is provided to thermally compensate the calculated pressure and achieve high accuracy over a wide range of temperatures

Sequoia Scientific

Sequoia Scientific, Inc. manufactures instrumentation and software for environmental monitoring and scientific research. The company's technological expertise is in electro-optics – The LISST-100 laser particle size distribution analyser is now the de-facto standard for particle size measurements everywhere in the aquatic environment.