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Explorocean Technology has been a major supplier of sensors and systems to the Oceanographic community for 25 years. The company specialises in high accuracy systems, providing scientists and engineers with measurements of high stability and accuracy. While the main area of interest is oceanography we have been significantly involved in a range of high accuracy measurement systems for offshore, geotechnical and military applications.

The Digiquartz tm range of pressure sensors provide high accuracy, stable, and repeatable measurements with  applications as diverse as pipeline flow measurement, towed array depth measurement and control, rig level measurement, pipeline survey depth measurement, wave and tide measurement and tsunami measurement. 
The Digiquartztm is available in ranges from 0-40,000psia or depth sensors ranging from 0-7000m.
Digiquartz tm additional supplies Meteorogical systems which again are renowned for their reliability, accuracy and stability.

CTG - Channel Technology Group - ITC  Division; (International Transducer Corporation) has been providing Piezoelectric Ceramic Acoustic transducers since its foundation in 1966. Recognised asa world leader in the production of acoustic transducers.
ITC provides:
A range of acoustic transducers exceeding 7000 individual design.
• Custom Acoustic design and development
• Complete in-house manufacturing and test
• Quality standards – Commercial to MIL Q09858A
ITC Designs
• Ship and Submarine sonar
• Broadband deep ocean hydrophones and projectors
• Transponder and profiler transducers
• Transducers for all applications
ITC Interface experience
• Acoustic and Physical environment
• Electronic Systems
• Customs applications

Biospherical Instruments
Biospherical is a manufacturer of danced instrumentation of Radiometers for aquatic profiling, Laboratory and atmospheric measurement and provides in-depth software for use with this equipment. Some of the latest equipment are:
• OSPREy Systems. OSPREy instruments measure the distribution of light over the spectral range of UV-B to the near-IR, both incident on Earth's surface, and reflected from the ocean.
•C-OPS: Compact Optical Profiling System. C-OPS instruments measure the vertical distribution of spectral radiance and irradiance in aquatic environments, as well as incident global irradiance above the water's surface.
•AMOUR: An advanced Multi-purpOse Usb Radiometer (AMOUR) is a high-speed USB Radiometer for research and engineering in the laboratory or field.